Friday, 24 June 2011

A2 PE Arousal


This blog has been started to help understand the concept of Arousal in Physical Education. Throughout the blog there will be posts to cover the concept of arousal and how it can affect performance. By the end of the blog the theories of arousal such as the catastrophe theory and the inverted U will be enbedded within your mind and be like second nature.

Arousal can be defined as the state of general preparedness of the body for action, involving physiological and psychological factors. As from the picture below elite performers are constantly 'psyching themselves up' or 'getting in the zone'. If you have ever participated in a competitive match you will have experienced the various levels of arousal and are able to recall the physical (somatic) and the mental (cognitive) signs.
The Liverpool team are psyching each
other up before their match
These can be experiences prior to an important competition or during specific moments of performance during a match. The range of arousal can be varied from under-arousal where the performer is 'flat' and visibly lethargic, to over-arousal where someone is too aggressive as they are physically psyched up. most performers try to reach a optimum level of arousal to perform at their best.

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